Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Random Update

Hi, its me again, tried on this new contact lens so my eye looks abit different from the usual.
i was about to join le bf to go for his colleague's son full month celebration,
it was one of the full mth celebration that leave an impression on me because it was hosted in void deck and the colleague have the corner where they displayed their photo montage, 
hired balloon makers to make balloon for the kids and even rented the inflatable playground for the kids to play.
he was able to ensure that his friends who have kids with them have some activities to do which is pretty cool.
i don't usually take photo of babies because its not mine, but this is cute.
the cute baby in his mini pram 
before we left our house, my cute duffy had her grooming, and her looking so cute when we could see her eyes after her fur covered all her eyes previously before the grooming
sibei cute. haha, i love it when she goes for her grooming cos she look all cute and skinny and small.
oh li mei was holding her and duffy was pushing her head out and i managed to capture this moment, teddy bear-ish!
just look at how she tried to came out of our door.

her super cute teeth!
some selfie while on our way to the friend's baby full month celebration, we didn't stay long though as le bf needs to go back home to study for his exams at that time.

sometimes when i look again at the selfie that i took, i realised that i look old, age is catching up already! i have been starting to do some maintenance, nowadays i started to use sunblock diligently even though i used to skip it like apply only when i feel like to, but my doctor has been telling me how its important to go out everyday with 2 essential items on the face, even if you are not applying any makeup, which i remember to obey. haha
and that is the sunblock and moisturiser.
so far, my face complexion has been getting better when i went back to the clinic to do the mask treatment that aims to unclog pores and the doctor prescribe me another serum that i need to use it daily, more of anti-aging and renewing of the cell so that my face is not too dull.
and it has been getting better, and i rarely have pimple breakout, not sure whether if its because of the products that i been using plus drinking adequate of plain water everyday and taking in consideration of what i eat for my body.
so far, i apply like 3 bottle of different serum, cell-renewal serum, clarifying serum, vit c serum before i move on to my laneige moisturiser and sunblock.
follow by starting my makeup routine.
i apply the vit c serum at night even though its suppose to be twice because its quite oily and it takes time for the serum to be absorbed and i have no time to wait for it to absorb in the morning when i am preparing to do my usual routine of skincare before doing my makeup.

and i think because i slept early, i tried to sleep at 11pm everyday due to work as i have to wake up at 6am everyday unless le bf is sending me to work, so its important for me to have 7hrs of sleep daily and my eyebags is not that obvious, i didn't edit my photos except using the filter scheme.
couple fie with the boyfriend when we was in the carpark

this has got to be one of my favourite photo with bf even though his head was slightly cut off
guys just does not know which is their better angle.. hahaha i always tease the bf he look like the sgag meme the face shape. 

and time do really flies as its already going to be December next month,
gonna tried to do my eyebrow embroidery, as well as hair treatment next month.
gonna be busy as usual next month, attending 2 weddings on the same day, company dnd, meetup with some friends etc, trying out trampoline workout!
i am quite excited about that and i will blog once i feel its good and worth to share with you guys next month when i will be going with MTLW!
and the new year welcomes a new start as i will be going to phuket, staff retreat and trying to see if i can extend my stay and get le bf to join me!
and staycation on that following week!
so much things to look forward!

on a separate day, Jieying and I celebrated JunJie birthday as both of them are november babies
didn't get a cake when we treated Jieying for her birthday dinner so i bought a big cake as a birthday cake shared between them when we arranged to go playnation to play some board games instead of console gaming!
the purple plush toy belong to the playnation and Jieying was playing with it and thus uses it as a props to take photo with them.
the new playnation, the prinsep street which they have shifted to another place look so much nicer and able to accomodate more capacity
this was one of the frequent places that i love to hangout, and recently they have a new outlet at jurong!
which is so much nearer to my house,
i had also signed up for their free games day, which i attended last year and lets hope i get this year too!
while waiting for Jieying to reach, we ordered our food, and thats when JJ found this,
if anyone have watched running man, u will know about this pirate barrel game.
i just give it a name because i don't know what it is actually called.
i am buying this so i can play with my friends when i invite them to my house next year during cny openhouse!
so basically this is a game that is quite thrilling in the sense that depending on the number of players, each players will insert one knife into the barrel,
and whoever insert the knife that hit the button of the pirate, the pirate will jump or rather popped up from the barrel, so this is quite a good game if u are planning to have some forfeit,
three of us was playing and we was stabbing damm fast and it got very excited when we almost have no knife yet and the pirate is not jumping out! haha
our food came while waiting for Jieying, i had pasta.
and JJ had chicken chop
the package that we had usually included free flow of drink and popcorn, and the popcorn is really good! i think we had several bowls. mostly is self service.
i ordered a platter for us to share while we was playing and we ended up extending one more hour. HAHA

the cake that i bought from four leaves
JJ posing with the cake.
them with the cake

we had monopoly but the condition of the monopoly was kinda of terrible.
and i think after the game, i told the bf that i wanted to buy the singapore edition of monopoly to play. so i went to carousell and try to find the singapore edition monopoly, its definitely cheaper to check the stuff that u want in carousell to see if its available before going to the retail store because there are items that are brand new and selling way cheaper than in retail store!

so, initially i saw one that was selling at $19.90, i tried to ask if its brand new and ask for more photos, but the buyer was not very responsive, so when the bf asked me again if i got the monopoly, i told him i didn't manage to buy from the seller
because initially we went to the GIANT hypermart at tampines, they was selling at $34.90, not the Singapore edition but the normal one, usually SG edition is slightly more exp, as i checked with my friend and she bought it at ard $60plus.
i was very sleepy on one of the nights and i slept early so i didn't know that the bf used my phone to find other monopoly seller in carousell and was dealing with the seller the next day. 
hahahaha, he say i was sleeping like a pig that i didnt even know he uses my phone, he managed to get it for $30 and its really all brand new as the money notes etc was not opened.
and i went to laminate those title deeds, chance, community chests as well as the monopoly notes so that it can be kept at its most good condition when i invite friends to come to my house to play next time!
we bought also the Jenga blocks, played this with JJ and JY at playnation too,
in case anyone have not played this before,
its a game that require you to remove the block and whoever cause the entire block to fall will lose the game.
there are many kind and there are the other one whereby when u pull one of the block, there is some forfeit required to do.
like asking u to sing, or calling someone next to them and tell them u like them etc kind of funny forfeit.
which makes it more interactive and interesting, but we just played the normal jenga.
which was thrilling enough because i bought the cake and its was too big and none of us want to bring the remaining home, so our forfeit was whoever lose the game, will have to eat one piece of extra cake.
and i eat one piece of cake alrdy and its alot of calories so its was simply sinful for me to take another one, everyone was trying so hard and the block just doesn't drop when we was expecting it to drop.

and the block just got higher and higher that when we restart the game and i ask JJ why is it so short, and he say because we was stacking very high and it didn't drop at all.

the bf brought the new monopoly to my house that he gotten it from another carouseller,
and we spend like days playing this monopoly!
wanted to play it yesterday night too but he came home late.
this was way before i laminate those notes, i was the winner when le bf acquire the two most expensive areas but i was able to own alot more properties and was earning more than his two expensive areas.
monopoly is a very unpredictable game when u think u got the upper hand, u might not win afterall.
played with my mum too last saturday and she was playing cheat when i went to get water and she steal one of my house and she thought i didn't know. my good observation that i know i have 3 houses, haha and when olm brought her bf home, i ask her to ask the bf to play monopoly with me, as the more people the merrier! HAHA

brought mummy to paradise dynasty for xiao long baos, had la mien and other dishes but was so full we da bao the dessert aftertat.

and last sunday, was meeting up with the peeps,xav,yuna,ivan,xueqi since we last met was in aug.
arranged to meet up for movie spectre which was a very draggy movie, 2hr plus. meh.
and we had korean cuisine, togi at somerset.
love korean food too but the stew is not spicy and i don't really like braised stew.
pancake was good and i had alot more of that, and they ordered rice wine which i hate the rice smell but the rice wine taste not bad.

the pancake was decent but i prefer the other korean restaurant, Ju Shin Jung korean restaurant that is located at the guillemard road, which i went with MTLW and we couldn't finish, haha
they had bingsu too which u can try after ur meal.
because for the same price, the pancake is so much bigger at the one at guilemard road, 
this is nice too but that one is even nicer. haha
the $20 rice wine but it will be good if the smell is not too strong.

spicy stew that is not spicy..

ginseng chicken stew

tried one piece of meat, don't really like braised food
before we watched the movie, we went to beanstro, i thought xueqi was refering to bistro, and thn its turns out she was refering to coffee bean, the beanstro. 
HAHA, had matcha green tea that was enough to be my lunch because i have not been taking any drinks from starbucks or coffeebean or bubble tea when i started my long term slimming programme. 
there is not even a cheat day for this.
i just abstain from it totally.
until last sunday. HAHA
we arranged to meet at town, and it has been quite long since i actually head down to town as i work in the west and my hse is at the north, and i rarely heads to town unless its necessary because its just too crowded during weekends.
went to Takashimaya basement where they have alot of foods and bought macaroons!
been long since i had this!
went to check out my melissa shoes that i wanted to buy, xav told me to wait for next month because they might have sales, but this shoes that i like is new collection and there is no way they will reduce price even during sales, many have told me that melissa shoes is really very comfy and there is a sweet scent for their shoes too, and so i went to try the size but didn't bought it because i was still thinking if its worth it for me to spent $150 on one pair of shoes because i have never bought such an expensive shoes for myself before.
it was very comfortable and change my perception of jelly shoes because i used to think jelly shoes is not comfortable to wear, but i guess this has to do with the type of quality jelly shoes that u are buying.
i didn't buy initially, just trying and was telling the bf that i saw the shoes, but i didn't buy because i was going to buy it only next mth.
and he told me to buy it and charge to his card and consider it as his early xmas gift to me!
HAHAHHA and so i went back to get this cinderella shoe from melissa!
and now its sitting neatly in my shoe shelf, hahaha, planning to wear it during the cny. 
i think they have the other translucent colour on web, but there was only 2 colour in sg melissa store so i got this colour instead of the black.

will update again when i am free! which is probably in next month already i guess.
till then! :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Throwback posts

Hello readers!
In case you are wondering, what is this, its this shop that are named as Oh Ice cream!, its located at JB, but i kinda forget if its located at KSL city mall or at city square exactly, if i am not wrong, it should be at KSL.
but its not really worth trying, only photo-worthy when they serve this out with all the dried ice effect, so you can buy this to try if you just want to take nice photo, but quality wise. 
the ice-cream quality sucks man, its those super cheapskate ice-cream quality.
the quality is even inferior than those uncle that sells u ice-cream when he drive around with his bike ringing the ice-cream bell.
i think the uncle can sells better ice-cream than this.
and its not even cheap.
to me, if i am paying for this kind of quality ice-cream, its way overrated.
went there with elliott, xinyi and jieying before i started work.
so this was quite long ago, months ago? haha
don't be deceived by this laksa, but its really good!
and it cost just RM 5. 
we had this for lunch in JB, before we went in to watch the hotel transylvania 2. hehe
it was a very chill trip,not much crowds cos we went on a weekday, it was also the first time that elliott and his gf, xinyi officially goes out with me. HAHA.
glad that he finally found a girlfriend, so he can stop pestering me to introduce girls to him.
le bf wasn't able to join us the other time, but probably next time will tried to go in again with bf because everything is so cheap inside, but i don't really like him to drive in since the security is not very safe.
and way before i started my current job, when mummy specially take leave to accompany me to do the ultrasound for that medical checkup.
brought her to have some dessert at M.O.F afterthat!
one of my bad habit is, i like to order alot of food that i want to try, but most of the times, i couldn't finish and i stuff whoever is eating with me to eat more. HAHA
we had sushi also but i didn't really take the photos as i was kinda of hungry and lazy at that time.

a super big fan of thai food, so whenever if i am eating out with le bf, my choice will be thai food!
we went to eat at upper thomson road, at this thai in town restaurant.
the food are quite good, but the staff are not very flexible when we wanted to change a dish that has the same value to another one and doesn't mind topping up, but they say couldn't change it for us.
and we have to follow the menu, ( we are not even eating any fine dining set or the food pairing with wine)
which is not very customer-oriented i feel,
the food are not that affordable compare to JJ Thai cuisine, i had went back alot of time the JJ Thai restaurant for their cheap and nice thai food, and this Thai in town food are nice but not that fantastic, and with the pricing, i doubt i would actually patronise for the second time anymore.

After i got settled down with my work,
managed to meetup with Jeant, which is like a few month meeting because both of us are quite busy and i am very lazy to go out with my friends on weekdays as i take the chartered bus that pick me up from my hse, send me to work, and sending me back home.
so its like a direct way for me to go home, and if i want to goes out after work, that means i don't take the chartered bus and take the shuttle bus to go out and i get damm lazy.
but if its a friday, i am perfectly fine because i end work slightly early! like 5pm. haha
so meet up with Jeant and we arranged to meet at holland village as i have not actually been there before, and its nearer to my workplace.
about 6 stops away.
and we have mexican cuisine!
we ordered and we was quite full aftertat as we catch up, chit chatting and me as usual. telling all the funny stories that i heard or simply being nonsensical. haha

 i forgot what this is, but its quite good!
 this too!
Everything taste so good! haha, that its time for me to keep a watch of my weight before i started gaining weight looking at the frequency of outside food that i had been taking in for my body..
we went to D' Good Cafe aftertat for some coffee-tea-dessert session.
was quite full and i didn't want to take coffee, so i had my tea because the teapot was so cute!
 They had super look like real cat in the shelves,

The super cute teapot! can never go wrong with green tea. hahaha

But i think i twist the sugar in too much and it was kinda sweet, thank god i didnt stir everything inside the cup.
the bf came and picked me up aftertat and home sweet home!
this photo is a separate issue when we was going to le bf relative's gathering.
My house was also undergoing painting work last month as my house has not been painted for several years, olm and i decided to hire the painters to come so we can stop doing the painting ourselves.
we used to do the painting where my dad would buy the paint, and i would help out by painting the ceiling, and it was quite tiring because the next day i would have aching neck and a day is not enough to finish painting, but the painters, they had 4 people, was able to complete 3 rooms, the toilets pipe, kitchen ceiling in a day and took another day to complete the living room, store room and our hse corridor which some idiot previously painted our hse corridor halfway and leave it just like that.
and we didnt bother to complain to the town council.
after the painting was done, olm went to get some new furniture, she love to buy furniture i think,

she has been changing her bed from queen to single, double deck, back to single and now she getting a queen size bed.
and her own furniture is not the full set type as she change her wardrobe, bed, table separately.
while i am able to maintain my own furniture and using the same furniture for more than 10years?
 i like my furniture to be matching, like the dressing table, working desk, bed, wardrobe to be the same colour.
and there was a promotion going on when olm went to get her bed and le bf say we should also chg our bed because it gets creaky whenever we might turn our body when we are sleeping.
so in the end, we ordered a new bed frame, queen size mattress and my new wardrobe because le bf was saying how the wardrobe look like it gonna spilt into half when he took leave to help out with the moving of furniture when the painters came to our house.
i make sure the new furniture was almost the same colour as my other existing piece of furniture.
love this big wardrobe as it was much bigger than my previous wardrobe
putting duffy inside! haha

Mummy just told me that dad might be changing our room door too! yay to more nicer door compare to the old fashioned door!
had paradise dynasty in celebrating for Jieying's birthday,
usually i will be the one to decide what to eat as they don't like to decide,
i can decide but i don't expect any objections to the food that i am choosing, because i would feel,
what's the point if u ask me to decide but when i told u what we are going to eat and you have so much opinions about it.
if you want to eat that particular cuisine, just say u want to eat it.
but then don't expect to eat the same thing everytime because sometimes people might just be accomodating to you, and you need to be understanding towards other whether they really enjoyed the food.
i hate fussy eaters. and i had no tolerance in taking a long time to decide what to eat.
and that is why initially i wanted to have thai food again, but i think its not such a wise choice for us to eat thai food so many time, and i change to us having chinese food on that day. haha
there was a promotion going on that day like $4 for the original xiao long baos,
i wanted to order more, but in the end i got so full after eating all these that i didn't managed to order more!

This was shared between Jieying, Terence, Jun Jie, Jeremy and me.
had an awesome dinner before we went to watch 我的少女時代,  our times movie.
it was a highly raved about movie and alot of them say it was similar like the 那些年 movie, 
i think for those that doesn't have much teenage sweet memories, you wouldn't be able to relate or understand why this is so highly raved about and what is so touching about this movie.
its a romance plus comedy movie, and i was crying alot in the movie and th bf was laughing at me, my eye was swollen after i came out of the theatre with very obvious eyebags.

The chain letters that was very silly but we used to forward it to friends just because we naively believe that the curse might came true.
and the part that the lead actress passed the letter to the evil guy in the sch and as he was reading it and getting knocked down by a car was really damm epic.
the part where you was crazily besotted with your idol, replaying their songs over and over again,

of course there are also the pretty school belle that all the guys only have eyes for,
lets just say that i wasn't pretty during my younger years so i sort of experience that kind of where all the guys was swooning over the pretty girl in our class etc.
the gangster one was abit unrealistic, but i think alot of girls would love this type of guy who can do so much for a girl, and again, because this is talking about 我的少女時代 which is not very realistic in the real world and this movie depict of how the actress think of her 少女時代  compare to her current state.
as we watched the movie, you can reflect your own teenage years probably experience similar encounters, your first heartbreak etc, the waterbomb again.
i am glad that this movie make me reflect back and realised that i had many wonderful memories during my teenage years.
i still remember the bio data book that was passed around in the class and everyone would fill up their bio data, hobbies etc.
i used to even write storybooks and it was passed around in the class for my classmates to read and they would pester me for new ep of the story.

everything was without technology and that was the beauty of it.
at that time, we don't have smartphones yet and there was limitation in what we could do, but precisely the case ,that we was able to have more time bonding with each other compare to people using their phones nowsdays even when they are out with their friends.
while waiting for the meals to be served, instead of chit chatting with friends, everyone was on their phone.
i find it very rude for someone to use the phone when they are out with me, because its just a very basic form of respect, if you want to use your phone so much, don't ask me out.
it is more of being able to relate if you have all those memories in your teenage years, then you would find this movie is quite good, but for those that doesn't had the memories, probably hard to relate and understand why this movie is so highly raved about.
 and the part where most of the girls would shed tears was the girl discovering that the 'bad guy' actually love her and do alot of stuff for her and hebe song '小幸 ' and the tears will run like tap water already! hahaha.
this has been a long lengthy post with all the different activities that i had but haven't got the time to blog. 
will blog soon again!

Till then.