Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lilliputt indoor golf during cny period

Hello! i am here to blog again one of the activities that i had during the recent cny period with jieying and junjie!
we arranged to meet at east coast park because i am bringing them to go to this new place that they had not explore before! but i went once before and its the Lilliputt indoor golf!
 us taking a photo in the bus 966 which was a very long journey to reach east coast park, bf couldn't join us because it was a friday and he has to work, otherwise we could have went there by car already! haha the plan was to play the indoor golf before coming to my house as it was still the cny period!
the weather was super hot and if i suggest cycling, i think jj would u-turn back home, but i assured them that this indoor golf is airconditioned! so we definitely wont be doing anything under the hot sun!
the weather is such a killer and that is why i hate the first few months of the year, 
feel like they are barbecuing me the stupid hot weather!
for adult the entry for the golf is $19.20, for student , you just need to display ur student card and able to play it for $16!
for kids is at a lower price of $12.80 for kids below 12 years old,
for family package, 2 adult and 2 kid of 12 year will be at $57.80, for more details, just google lilliputt golf for their main website!
we get the student rate as we still have our student card! HAHA.
i first went there few years back with jeant, 
take note that you have to wear socks when you enter the golf area, so remember to bring your socks to wear when you are going to play!
haha we was posing but don't know where JJ was looking at!

there was like 18 stations for you to play, and there is a scorecard for each players to keep track of the no of time u need to get the ball into the hole, the winner will be the one getting the least score
and winner is yours truly me!!
the bet was one cup of koi bubble tea by Jieying! HAHA cos she lose

i like how it is so cool because each station represent one of the popular attractions in singapore or renowned places, for eg, Changi Airport, Singapore Zoo, the trading port, the public transportation system. i like how creative they design the golf course because maybe its look like for kids because its called mini golf, but its not that easy to hit the ball into the hole!
taking for eg, this station of MRT, u have to hit the ball up the slope before the ball boarded the train and it really has the sound of MRT announcing the door is close and then the train will transport the ball to another station and thats when the ball will start coming out and thn u start to hit again aiming for the hole! HAHA

we was busy taking photos in the first few stations that we was playing for 2hours and not yet even the 18 stations completed, so don't think its gonna be a short game if you added the photo taking time!
we took alot more photos but i am only showing a few, most are added in my facebook album haha!
first time that they try their hands on this indoor golf!

posing before the hit!
the old esplanade, perharps they should start painting the colour back? HAHA almost fading already!
 and here we are at the turf club city station! HAHAHA, i had entered twice before in the real turf club btw! HAHA, it was really an eye opener!
i couldn't stop laughing at this photo, because jieying look so funny! HAHA she tried this pose because JJ really pose well! HAHA
 the guy who originate the pose first! HAHA, can't remember what this station is already!
full of creativity unlike me posing awkwardly at times!

 and it was after taking the photos that i realised why my legs is so short uh compared to Jieying!!
jieying has really nice long legs even though she keep saying she hate to be so tall!
but i think not everyone is able to have such long legs like hers! and somemore the skin tone is tanned kind which is so nice!
YOU SEE!! HAHA when i stand beside her, my legs cmi leh 
when i saw the photos i really love her long legs! HAHA
i can only pull my legs longer by editing eh! HAHA but she got it natural!
we was posing like we are looking elsewhere but jieying is 'an-choi-ing' secretly want to laugh but keep it down! HAHA
 her legs...oh my! HAHA
creative pose by JJ again! have to hand it to him man!
i am only good at selfie but when its comes to posing, i am .er hum*
love the background of this!
the other time when i first visited, there wasn't any minions, but there was two when i went this time round so was posing with the minions!
i love how genuine and sweet looking i look in this photo!
trying hard to stretch my shorts legs!

went to my facebook to find the photo taken on the same chicken rice taken in 2013!
2015 and i still cannot finish the chicken rice! HAHA
beside the hairstyle, did u guys see any difference in the facial features?

i am really glad i look different compared to the past, whenever i scroll my past photos in my albums in facebook, i look swollen! i am just so grateful that with my own motivation, i get to where i am right now. 
its not easy, but when you accomplish it, you really feel a sense of satisfaction!
and you won't want to give up so easily!
before i first started being motivated, with much determination and discipline,
i did alot of research, and i been thinking and doing reflection to myself,
if i can perform well at work, if i can be disciplined enough, why am i not discipline enough to my own body, my own health?
with a positive mindset, there is really nothing that you cannot acheive, if you put ur heart in it.
so that is probably how i had successfully shed off those weight.
if i am not going to pull myself up, no one is going to.
so i am very happy even though i had been quite laid back during the cny period, and i have learnt not to be complacent just because everyone is telling me you lose alot of weight!
i would share if anyone will to ask me how do i lose weight, but words are always easier than actions.
i can only say, unless you have a motivated thinking mindset, otherwise, whatever i told you is bullshit. 
the doctors are always trying to cheat me into falling their trap by tempting me with oily fried foods,
Macdonalds fries, burgers, etc. but as i had say, i take good control of my food intake except chocolates being my weakness,
i do indulge once in a while, but i work extra doubly hard afterthat and controlling my diet!
having say that, i went to circuit training lesson today!
as i am typing comfortably, my whole body are actually aching when i start standing up,
its is aching to one extent when you are slping and you can still feel the ache when you move your body slightly!
it was the first time that i am holding a bar bell!
i used to be afraid of going to bodypump classes because i see how hardcore the classes is,
and to be honest, i didn't expect circuit training to be so tiring la!
its either i see wrongly that i thought circuit training is basically teaching u the basic bodycombat moves, so i thought it was easy and went in the class confidently hor.
until i heard the instructor saying, we don't need those items yet as previously there was a pump class and the people was keeping their stuffs,
but i had already entered their studio, damm embarrassing to walk off right!
so i stayed on which is so far the most torturous workout i ever had compared to body attack,
we started by jogging to and fro in the studio, before doing squats walking, where as you squat, you tried to move to and fro, my thighs couldn't take it anymore by the time i finished that and it was just the start!
and then you do push up, planking, up and down, rolll backwards and up, stand up and do the pushups again and then all over again,
the hardcore one was the one with barbell, holding it doing squats and thn dropping it and doing chest pushup and jumping across the barbell and doing all again for set of 8. i only know i did this for goddam LOTS OF TIMES!!
i keep thinking its gonna be over soon, but everytime the instructor keep adding! PIANG EH.
i couldn't actually do it until set of 8 but 6 instead. HAHA too slow.
first timer leh! i was going to had my bodycombat lesson after circuit training, but hor, halfway i couldn't take it already because i got no more arms to punch or any leg strength to kick, so i left the class halfway.
my whole body was aching and i think its gonna get even worse tmr!
but i am working on to build muscles! and i am happy to do so!
i think my future house would have an mini gym corner! HAHA
i don't hate on exercising now because its fun now to me and at the same time able to keep fit!
losing weight is too mainstream now, i am working on body toning and shaping! 
all thanks to my health guru xavial for telling me real facts about exercising that i used to have a misconception and does not do it the correct way until he told me and guide me!
weight dropping is not my main concern, achieving a beautiful body is!
i don't think i will want a body that weight 55kg but a big tummy popping up! NO. HAHA
ok anyway back to track, thanks to JJ and JY for bringing such a good gift when they visited my house after our activity!  we cabbed home to JY's hse when she went up to bring and give it to my mum! HAHA 
we was chit chatting while having an enjoyable bbq steamboat dinner!
thanks for the company, i love how our relationship doesn't drift apart even when we had graduated from poly and having our own commitments, long live to our friendship!
i can't wait when everyone of us is employed and having stable income and we can travel overseas together!! YAY!
but for now, lets work hard for the future!
till then! :)