Friday, February 27, 2015

Cny Openhouse 2015.

Hello readers!
 a few photos of the annual affair of bbq steamboat in my house!
thsi was with my cousins who haven't come to my house for many years already and this year was quite special as someone initiate us cousins to go visiting to all our uncles house, so as i had mentioned in my earlier post, after the cny house visiting at bf side, i meetup with them where we meet at our uncle's office.
duffy went along too!
her looking sian sian because there was no one to play with her, but later on with our relatives visiting us, she play so hard that at night, she is too tired to move!
initially she was sleeping on my bed, but i move her to her bed, and she was too lazy and thats why i could take a photo of her resting in her own bed! HAHA
cute right the pong pong dress! one of my favourite buy in taobao is her clothes!
many design and yet so cheap!

 usually she is very hyper, but i guess she really tires herself out too much that night.
and she is back to active mode the next day!
that was her sitting beside olm at my uncle's office wearing another outfit.
this was something like the cny oriential design kind of outfit for her

anyway, for this cny this year, i invited my uni cliques to my house for the steamboat session!
we went to watch a movie before heading to my house!
this is one of the many sessions that i had in my house already!
and i am still paying back what i had during the chinese new year festive period!
 us taking a group photo before we start to tuck in!

 and this was taken by using a selfie stick! not too bad i guess at least it has everyone inside the photo!
after the dinner, we started to play blackjack games!
jeremy friend's came over to my house and we was playing together and his friend was actually losing, and thats when he suggested to play another game called 'in between'
HAHA, this game is the most scariest game that i had ever played!
for those who had heard the name of the game but are not sure of how to play,
basically everyone will sit in circles, and one person will flip two card out, 
so for eg if its an Ace and a Queen, u can bet the amount that you want, for eg: $2, if the third card that is flipped out is 'in between' Ace and Queen, u get the $2 from the pot, which everyone would suggest probably throwing in a minimum bet, be it $1 or $2, for us we started with everyone throwing in the centre as the pot $2, so if you bet $2 and the third card happen to be more than the range of the two card, lets say it open a King then you have to pay $2 in the pot, 
but if lets say, the card open exactly one of the two card flip out initially, you have to pay double!
so this is a very thrilling and require alot of time to play game
i only understand the morale of the story from playing this game is, not to be overcome by greed!
i was greedy and i pay for it! 
initially bf friend's brian managed to sweep away all the money, and thn for eg, if a person bet all in, and if the number is in betwee the two card, he can take all the money in the pot,
so he won initially, and everyone will restart by putting in $2 again, there was like 8 of us playing and the pot keep growing money, brian wanted to all in again, by then it was about $80plus in the pot, but damm unlucky, the third card was exactly one of the two card being displayed,
everyone was like WHOA!!! 
because he has to pay double, which is $168! 一路发!HAHAHAHA!
and thn the money was accumulating and it was my turn which got a very big range again, 
initially i didn't want to bet $50, but previously i got a very big range of cards and bf was telling me why i didn't go for all in because he told me i need to observe like which cards has been coming out and the probability,but i am a sucker in these numbers so i didn't and there was a second chance, 
and seriously, sometimes when you want to win so much, u ended up losing even more!
so he told me $50 jiu hao, don't be greedy, and the rest was saying yes i can go for $50.
see peer influence! HAHA and damm suay it comes out one of the two cards!
so i had to pay for double lor! $100.
HAHAH, thanks to me and brian's contribution the money was accumulating to one extent about $400 plus, in like within an hour more or so?
everyone was also damm shocked when i had to pay double because the range is really very wide and was damm unlucky lor,
犯太岁leh. HAHAHA.
but i didn't lose my sportmanship hor, you know how there are some irritating people who lose and start to show attitude/flip table kind?
play for entertainment, and if you lose, u have to accept it and stop being a sore loser!
but so far, i didn't encounter it yet, but i had heard from my bf how he used to play with others and there is really this kind of people who are goddam fucking sore loser one!
this is a very spooky game because the more you want to win/or u thought u are going to win, it seems luck don't always goes your way.
so brian who has already lose alot was trying to recoup, when he finally got a very wide range of cards,
the others was telling him not to already because its very spooky one, it don't goes the way u want, but he decided to try his luck, by then it was like $300 plus in the pot, he goes for ALL IN,
and ji pai really ALL IN, got damm suay, he HAS TO PAY DOUBLE!!
I see his face was like totally shag face.
expressions is a very funny trait in every human beings, you can't pretend you are okay when u are obviously not feeling good and expressions allow others to capture your real feelings even if he wasn't being a sore loser.
somemore it was the first time he visit my house and he was losing so much money!
he has to pay double which was $700 over plus!
everyone was shocked and ivan was being graceful enough to be the lead to say
how about this, let's pretend we never see.
see how cute my friends are!
HAHA, we was also sure he definitely doesn't have $700 over plus with him, but if others and not my friends, they probably ask him to pay up, because 愿赌服输. the cold hard fact.
and if he all in and if he really win, he would really take all the winnings de ma, even if he argue most of the money belongs to him, but there are some money which is poured in by the others too,
so in this very complex situation, i think it was graciousness that allow me to see that sometimes winning or losing doesn't mattars anymore, 
giving someone a 台阶 to go down, giving a way for someone to back down, may not necessarily be a bad thing, having a generous heart is the way, 
we all play for entertainment and not for a living, so there is no point making everyone so happy and having one person being so grumpy because he lose too much money instead.
in the end the remaining money we play with a time limit and then distribute accordingly to the number of players playing, and each of us get about $52.
bf gives his share to his friend because he lose way too much,
the gf was looking pissed because she already told him not to play so high already but he didn't listened,
later on, jeremy told me he wanted to all in too, and i say u can try uh, if u all in and u lose.
giving the cold hard glare look*
HAHA i still believe no one should be overcome by greed because you ended up paying even more than what you lose, and its not just the money!
you lose the trust, you cause unhappiness with your loved ones and what is the purpose when you wanted to play for goodwill in the first place?
nevertheless, it was fun hanging out with them and we are graduating soon and let's hope we will continue to keep in touch even when we have graduate!
ps: i am hosting a graduation party in seaview resort in april after my exams!
so can't wait! excited!
shall end for now! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chinese new year 2015

Hello! i am finally here to update my blog!
has been quite busy during the cny, as i had say before, its always the busiest time of the year when it comes to chinese new year for my house!
it is also the time where everyone would see their facebook newsfeed flooding with reunion dinner, dishes, where family get together for a reunion dinner!
this year was also the first time i was having reunion dinner with bf's family!
for my side, we don't really had our reunion dinner on cny eve as we tend to be very busy with all the offerings, and then arranging out all the goodies and drinks, so i was VERY VERY tired on the eve of the chinese new year as olm and i went out to help mum to buy some errands, very difficult to even find a carpark lot on the eve when everyone is joining in the crowd to make some last min shopping!
all corners of my house would be arrange neatly with these goodies

one table full of foods and drinks
in my house, the culture is to stock up everything full during the cny, even if there are only 4 members plus 1 duffy in my family, canned foods, cupboard, fridge etc all have to be full!
taking photos of reunion dinner dishes, and goodies is too mainstream!
i bet no one takes photos like me! HAHAHA
full of foods in the fridge,
fyi, my house has 2 normal fridges and 1 freezer so about 3 fridges, when i took, it was not even taken full yet because the drink has not been stocked up full yet too!

 usually i would invite my friends over to my house for bbq steamboat dinner as my mum marinate those meats so good that most of my friends was saying its so nice! 
but not good for me as i had been eating it, and its not very healthy, but fat loaded of calories!
had been regularly hitting the gym during the cny period. HAHA
as many as 4 times a week!
can you spot duffy trying to get the snacks? HAHA she got camouflage among the new sea cover! 
i didn't place her over there, she was just sitting there by her own will.

 giving me that look, what are you doing man! diao face. HAHA
its so scary she has grown so big, she was very small when we first take her home!
 when i came back from bf's house after the reunion dinner, duffy was already all bathed nicely and wearing the new clothes that i bought for her!
its a chanel inspired design! cuteness overload!

 'yes we need to talk..'

director of holding a meeting. HAHA
 too cute to resist, she was actually so excited because i was holding a sweet, and this silly girl LOVE sweets! just like a kid!

the way she sit is not the usual dog sitting positon, look like a human being sitting position if you guys do see how she sit in real life!
 posing! HAHA
 mama will give her a sweet to play and she is happy when she got her sweet, otherwise would bark nonstop if she know that we does not want to give her the sweets! too spoiled!
for my house, we would have to pray again at 12midnight, which is the new year day 1, after the praying, there is a saying of 守岁 where if kids does not sleep or stayout throughout the night, their parents will get to live super long, and has been doing it every year, staying until the morning every year! but this year i am just too tired!
i set an alarm clock and wanted to wake up after a small power nap, but i ended up sleeping until the next morning!
day 1 of cny is my most favourite dish that i love to eat,
frankly i does not know the correct name of the dish, but i name it as nian gao, usually people know nian gao by the brown colour cake that you have to go and fried, i hate that though, the nian gao that i am refering that is usually cooked by mum every year cny day 1 is the photo that you see below!
its quite an easy dish but mum only cook it every cny day 1! could have this everyday! 

this year, we had additional dishes, 
look at duffy already standby sitting at the table waiting to tuck in! HAHAHAHA

watching tv while we was busy taking photo before the meals starts! HAHA
its actually abalone, with fish maw, and other kind of ingredients! super convenient to cook! just need to open through the big can where it already have all the sauces, abalone, we called it 'peng cai'
and just throw into the pot and heat it up, and its ready to consume!
cute duffy lazing on the chair!

duffy was equally tired when she barely had any sleep because we was moving around in the hse!
pretty much lazing at home on day 1 as relatives came over and visit us, and usually only day 2, i will go out to visit my relatives!
this year was different as i went to join bf's side where he introduce me to his relatives that i am his gf!
HAHAHA, we spend half a day at his side and in the noon at my side!
its easier to go visiting when we travel by car!
had alot of cny clothes and decided to wear a super red but bare back dress!
me taking selfie while le bf is driving!
 took one cpl-fie!
he came over to pick me up, and we was meeting straight with his parents at his mum side!
it was the first time that i am meeting so much of his relatives and they have so many funny term that i am not very familiar with because for my own side, we only kept contact with my mum's side and my dad side is totally none so i was just nodding when he introduce me to his relatives!
lucky i had lose enough weight otherwise later everyone is gonna say jeremy's gf is so fat! HAHAHA
ask bf to take an OOTD, and just then he told me his parents and his uncle had reached and i was like, THEN HOW?! thn he say, take photo la! HAHA so was taking photo beside his car while waiting for his parents to alight!
this year received alot more angbaos because he has more relatives thn me!
and most usually give $10 or $20!
$10 is like the norm!
after going to his dad side, we went to find my uncle along with my other cousins, visiting each other house can be quite tiring and nomming nonstop!
cny is also the period where you can gamble just for fun!
this year played so many different games beside blackjack, big or small, and in between!
shall end for now! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day. XBOX 360!

Hello readers!
my new haircut for this year! 
so in my earlier post, i was saying that we had our lunch by dabao-ing from jeremy's dad stall and before that, bf came in the morning to pick me up before picking mama so we could go to fassler gourmet!
i had heard of fassler gourmet from my colleague where it was located at 46 woodlands terrace,
staying in woodlands is a good thing becus u can visit these factory outlet to buy the stuff at a wholesale price!
but too many people has heard about it so everyone is going to the factory itself so for fassler gourmet, it was very crowded when we went there in the morning,
we bought over $90plus just for salmon, sashimi.
 we went to sheng siong supermarket to buy some sparkling juice and a carton of apple juice again.
i love chinese new year because its the time of the year to have openhouse at my house, and its the time where family get together and gathered together to have a heartwarming meal!
i mean there are other times when u can have ur whole family coming together but its just different when everyone gathered together during the chinese new year,
culture i guess!
a yearly affair, but just that this year the friends that i have invited is only selected close friends.
i don't see a point in inviting friends that we barely even stay in contact or even meetup and when we do meetup, its just to have bbq steamboat gathering at my house, i mean, why should i even bother staying contact with friends when they don't initiate to stay in contact, or they contact u because its CNY just to have that one meal at my house?
i am not saying thati am so stingy that i can't invite these kind of friends over to my house for a meal, but what's the point exactly?
instead of entertaining a whole lot of bunch of friends that barely understand me or even hang out often, why should i even try to sustain the friendship?
but still, even if i don't invite those friends that are off my friend list anymore, my house is still filled with lots of cny goodies, cartons of drinks, and bbq steamboat!
showing you guys the crazy loads of goodies available in my house during cny when its cny next week!
so back to the topic, bf dropped me and my mum at my house first and he say he want to go and buy some stuff, so i say okay,
as i was preparing myself, i was wondering why he took so long to come back.
taking some selfie while waiting for the bf to be back home to pick me up!
this photo was taken exactly 1year ago, on valentine's day!
and 1 year later, sporting a new and short hairstyle!
yes i know i look equally pretty! haha just that i lose more weight for this year so i look better with my face being sharper! HAHA

more selfie taking in the car while otw to fetch jeremy's dad
when i first decided to cut a bob, xavial try to use the app to see how i look like if i cut a bob, 
and i have to say, i am glad that i look good in my actual bob hairstyle! HAHA

 super love this photo below that i took! big sparkling eyes! HAHA
 and a couple shot!

when we reached his house, he surprised me by taking flowers from his car boot!

i kept it in the fridge when we was at his house because i was worried the flowers might die! HAHA.
he say he choose white roses because it symbolise pure love!
and it is wrapped in purple! my favourite colour!

as for this year, it wasn't anything that i thought i would receive this or that, as i had mentioned, i didn't even bother preparing a valentine day gift because i tot we was going to have just a typical date out despite its valentine's day

so he make me super happy even though we could have spend almost a day doing random stuffs that is nothing like a cool awesome date out.
running errands with mum, and cooping at his house.
i was unable to fall back to sleep in the morning and it was 645am, so by late afternoon i was very tired, so i was having a nap at his place, before that we was playing playstation together and i got very sleepy especially after i keep losing to him! grr.
and i ended up slping while he continue to play, but halfway i saw that he fall asleep too! HAHA so funny and cute with the remote control in his hand while slping. 
and thats how we slept the 1-2hours until late evening before we decided to go out and check out the xbox 360 that boyfriend is buying because he knows i want it! HAHA
initially his plan was to go to east coast park to walk before eating over there, but i was kinda of lazy. HAHA, we booked a movie to watch at 9plus though so having dinner at tampines before heading to amk is just right!
beside flowers, boyfriend buy chocolates tgt as a set with the flowers!

i love how these chocolates has got this flowery scent and taste when you eat! 

 as i was blogging about this post, while at the same time posting the photos on facebook, MTLW was telling me, wa i really lose alot of weight, CAN SEE THE COLLARBONES LIAO!
hahaha, i think she is the only one to comment can see my collarbones liao,
i didn't realised too until one day, when i could feel it!
sexayyy collarbones hor!
ps: this month already hit my weight goal but i am striving even harder!
looking at how good i look right now after the weight loss, i cannot imagine the weight gain coming back to haunt me, so it has become a usual routine for me to exercise a few times or the minimum at least once a week to maintain if i can't shed that kilo off!
 selfie with the bonquet of flowers because its expensive!
buying it on valentine's day!

 taken myself while waiting for bf to bath at his house! HAHA.

 us looking good taking couple photo now! :)

i bet everyone should have their facebook feed flooding with flowers, gifts, expensive dinners and couples on dates.
i think the most turn off thing that i actually see people commenting in facebook feed was,
if you truly love someone, its not only valentine's day to show your love,
or others that is commenting that its too materialistic to buy overpriced flowers and chocolates when you have the remaining 364 days to show your love to your partner.
all these, i beg to differ.
firstly, its not wrong for someone to remind that everyday should be a valentine's day and not just giving that extra love in the forms of flowers or gifts because its valentine's day and having all these sweet gesture published on facebook feeds, instagram, on social media showing that 
wow, i receive this , i receive that from my boyfriend. ( i say from my boyfriend, because usually its girls who posted on feeds)
but i find it irritating to have anyone thinking that buying flowers and chocolates or expensive gift is just too overpriced on valentine's day and to those girls who think they should deserve to have this is simply materialistic.
like WTF is your problem?
are you even a man?!
i was complaining to boyf when i saw such statement,
sure, you have the remaining 364 days to show your love, but do you think the existing couples, their boyfriend who shower their girlfriend with flowers and gifts does not know the logic that showering their love is not just on valentine's day?
valentine's day could be just a gimmick for retailers to earn the extra bucks that guys are willing to spend on their girlfriend or potential partner that they are chasing after.
there is nothing wrong with them setting the price of the roses or flowers so high because there are always gentleman who are willing to buy instead of complaining, WA THE FLOWERS IS SO EXPENSIVE!
the latter is just a loser.
are you telling me that your girlfriend can't even be measured by the worth of the flowers/expensive gifts on valentine's day?
and if you are telling me that love cannot be measured by $, are you even doing anything special for your girl? or do you even have a girlfriend? smirks*
girls are simple yet complicated creatures, some girls might be bitchy to say that they don't like flowers, they hate flowers and they say they would tell their bf not to spend on flowers on valentine's day because its such a waste of $, but seriously guys,
when you present a bouquet of flowers to them, do they start throwing on the floor and stepping on it angrily, telling you, I TOLD YOU NOT TO BUY RIGHT!!
WHY ARE U NOT LISTENING TO ME?!! and continue stepping the flowers to pieces ( just imagine the scene as i just described)
no right? they might be secretly being very happy but acting nonchalantly over it.
will it even kill you to buy a bonquet of flowers just to please your gf?
even if you are on a tight budget, u can't bring her to expensive restaurants, you can't afford to buy the expensive hike up price of flowers, but i am sure any girl will be happy if you had a plan instead of complaining to her, aiya so expensive! aiya so crowded everywhere!
its not just only flowers or expensive gifts that will make a girl happy.
what's most important is the time together, and even those sweet little gesture counts.
simple gesture as picking her up from work, ( my boyfriend always did this without complaints and sometimes i feel so touched, or sometimes a simple appreciative hug to each other counts too!)

and with the advancement of hightechnology that allow anyone to post a photo up on social media feeds, it just take a few sec for photos to be flooded in ur feed,
have you ever considered the feelings of your girlfriend, because her boyfriend tell her, my love cannot be proven by giving u flowers and expensive gifts, so don't compare.
why don't you say you are cheapskate huh! HAHA
you know girls like to compare, why do you think girls even post photos up on facebook, on instagram, on social media?

and when one start to see every other girls receiving all these sweet gesture,which i know its superficial to measure it just because its valentine's day, don't deny the girl would feel immune to it.
no mattar how sweet, how adorable, how understanding your girlfriend you thought she wouldn't mind,
she do mind!
you know its a classic conditioning behaviour?
maybe initially you won't feel anything when you saw a friend of your receiving some gifts/flowers.
but when you see 20friends start flooding your feed,
don't tell me you won't feel a thing, and the boyfriend would be in dead shit. HAHA
it do get girls thinking, am i not good enough for him to make me feel extra loved on this special day meant to commemorate for couples?
guys should not just think of their pocket burning a big hole, or rather probably its just typical singaporeans guys.
but over the years, singaporean guys are getting better, and it almost become a norm with a recent survey that i saw that most of the guys agree that a guy should pick up the tab when they bring girls out.
so for those guys who think girls are simply materialistic, goodluck to you finding a girl who don't think the same way as what i had say, or if you already had a gf, its probably a gf that has not been conditioned enough yet through the peers. haha
 i just feel so sad for those girls who are going to get together with those kind of guys who think that girls does not deserve to be pampered on valentine's day, or who don't understand that other guys who are willing to spend on valentine's day know the logic that pampering love is not just on valentine's day.
what? do you think they only get together on that valentine's day and break off aftertat meh?!

i know my bf love me alot, and its not just on valentine's day that he is being sweet to me,
but why is he even making the effort to see that smile on my face on this special day?
so don't you think those guys who think differently is super super lousy? HAHA
but i would like to emphasise too that it is not a must to have expensive dates/dinners just because its valentine's day, you know how your boyfriend treat u as good even without valentine's day is enough.
i just hate those lousy cheapskate guys making such an offending statement as though those girls who received flowers on valentine's day are materialistic.
with mutual agreement like me and my boyfriend, or rather a mature thinking mindset, it doesn't mattar anymore whether we should go and be ripped off just because its a day to celebrate,
i am equally fine if you will to ask me to eat carrot cake on valentine's day!

we went to have kway chap already! yummeh kway chap somemore!
initially he booked buffet at grand copthrone, but i find it a waste of $ when i don't even eat so much nowsdays and i usually eat super little portions at night time, so ended up we settle our valentine's day dinner at ajisen! HAHA
i couldn't finish my set and boyfriend had to help me eat too!
so overall, this valentine's day was a happy one for me!
and i hope those lousy guys who has such a warped thinking mindset of flowers and gifts can hopefully change and start to dote on their gf or their future gf!
otherwise don't blame girls for being too realistic just because you are too lousy!
who to blame but yourself.
tap forever alone label on the forehead*

PS: boyfriend don't dote on me just because its valentine's day,
i have been wanting to buy a xbox so we could spend time doing activity that can engage both of us instead of him using his phone all day long,
so in the end he got it for me!!
YAY! its so funny cos we was checking out prices in several places, and
we was catching a movie at 915pm at amk ytd so he say he buy tmr if we check amk and there no better prices,
because this is a old version of xbox, new version was xbox one, which cost $739 with kinect, and additional 2 free games.
for xbox 360, its actually also a bundle with kinect, is $339, additional 2 free games,
most of the places has standard pricing except some shops sell like $439
so he was finding a carpark lot while i was buying drinks and i decided to check out the store funzcentre at amk lvl 2 or 3, if im not wrong, very near the gongcha store
so i check with the staff the price, its almost the same 4gb xbox 360 with kinect $339 but they give their instore additional 4 games!
so i was telling boyf about this better deal, and we bought 2nd control @$79 with bundle set of headset, sensor wall mount, controller and additional 1 game, but they still own me 1 game so i be going tmr to collect! we was late for our movie cos boyf say to buy first since the movie usually has alot of commercials, and we bought the outside seats so its easier without having to 'excuse anyone' HAHA
tadah! it give a bag too!
all these for $467!
got my fav dance central 3!
and sourcing for new games!
just saw taobao is selling xbox games too! and at a cheaper rate, probably will ask the seller once cny is over! HAHA

shall end for now! ;)