Tuesday, December 30, 2014

True Fitness Review

Hello readers! 
so, this post is meant as a review for my true fitness gym membership.
that i am so angry and disappointed at the same time during an incident that i encountered.
i had friends signing up as a gym member in different gym
such as california fitness, anytime fitness, fitness first etc.
but majority of them actually sign with fitness first after their membership with  True Fitness or california fitness ended.
i am sure everyone know how fucking irritating it is to actually met the sales person or sales consultant that will kept on pestering you to sign up their package with all their upselling.
when all you want is to have a peace of mind with no one disturbing you when you are at the gym.
when i first signed up with True Fitness, i didn't actually went to goggle on the reviews, and making any comparison etc.
as the first time when i sign up was because my ex colleague wanted to transfer her membership as she was quitting the job and her house is so out of the way for any of the outlets for True Fitness,
at that time i was still working and i wanted to gym because i wanted to lose some weight!
her sales consultant is a nice guy so he allowed her to transfer it to me, even though i had to pay the $100 for the transferring of name and membership if i am not wrong, that was early 2012, as my first membership ended on 31may 2014 and i was not a regular in visiting the gym frequently at that time as i was so busy with my work, and didn't really even tried out the workouts.
below are some snapshots which i explained later. some other workouts that i had attended but it was not listed on it because i used to just go and book on that day itself instead of booking it online.

so far, when i visited the suntec city outlet, when i first signed up they was still located at lvl 7.
i had no problem after i got the membership, there was no hardcore sales person trying to upsell me any stupid packages for any personal trainer etc. 
so overall i was quite okay with the gym despite i heard alot of negative reviews.
you know how when you checked in the gym on facebook nowsdays, you see others people who had checked in and giving their reviews?
yes you can try it out if you are a member to look at those reviews, besides that there are also alot of others negative reviews in the web. just google it.

In the first place, when they mentioned on their website that members can book classes online,
 if you were to visit their website,
the screenshot that i took below from their website to give a clearer idea of what i am talking about.
btw this mobile app that they have launched this year seriously need some improvement too.
it sucks to the max.
anyway so if you go to click the member's login or book a class, they will show you a new tab to key your username and pw.

When you click the book classes icon, they will prompt you to key your user name id and pw.
and since when does they even give all their member a user id and pw to book classes online?
so this is akin to telling members 'hey you can book classes online but you have to come down yourself to ask HOW, and give us your email and we EMAIL it to give you the user name and id.
so it means, 'if you ask then i give you lor, if you don't, i pretend i does not know you want to book online cos you didn't ask.' correct to say?
this was what i don't find it a big deal initially because for those who really want to book the classes through website will try to ask the staff at the counter, but in a way it was also misleading trying to convince customers that it is so easy to book their class?

as you can see, my first membership ended this year may, at that time, i didn't have any bad encounter or experience with them, and so i decided to sign up with them even though the nearest outlet from my house was amk! and i don't even stay at amk or yishun etc.
its much more further, but i decided to renew, without them asking me.
and because i had ask the staff before how to book classes online, so they give me id and pw through email.
and i was able to book the classes online.
their system is quite sucky.
you can't book in advance even when the class has been displayed,
and sometimes when you want to book, you are already on the waiting list.
my booking history has been reset by the staff the other day after i had make a fuss as i was told that i have been BLOCKED. from going all the classes because i had not turned up more than six times when i had booked the class when i was at the counter waiting for them to give me bodycombat class ticket.
you can see the history snapshots.
that the number of times that i have no show was 7 times, and this was recorded from my first membership!
is this even fair to me?! i mean firstly when they say that i was being blocked, i asked the staff so you means i cannot go to any of the classes at all? and he say yes unless i pay the unblocking fee of $25 to unblock.

I was very mad as i have been paying this fucking gym monthly fee for the membership and as a member i was being informed that i was being blocked because i have not turned up for more than 6 times and this is the penalty.
in the first place when i first take over the membership, NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE PENALTY.
second time when i renew the membership.
AGAIN, NO ONE explained to me the penalty of not turning up for classes when i booked more than 6 times.
sure, i think i saw the notice of not attending classes that there is a penalty, if i am not wrong, i seen it somewhere on their counter,
They did not indicate the penalty was in the form of monetary,
so they just wait for you to no show for more than 6 times and they tell you that you have to pay $25 to unblock.
nice one! the staff got the cheek to tell me they should have told me when i renew my contract.
which i say, no they didn't.
besides it was so long when i renew the contract, if i will to ask the staff to say out the entire clause of the contract, can they remember without refering? No, they can't? 
so how do you expect me as a customer to even know?
so don't use the contract as a excuse to patronise me.
i was telling the staff that this is ridiculous la, that i have not turn up and i am being blocked.
to which he can still talked back to me saying its not ridiculous but because i have not turned up more than 6 times, so this is the penalty.
which i argue further, did you guys even email me to notify that there is a penalty when i missed one class?
No, you didnt.
so common sense, if i see that i skip one class, no notifications or warnings, or reminders that i am not supposed to skip.
of cos i think its not a big deal la that i booked online and didn't turn up right?
somemore, i pay for the gym, even if i book and don't turn up for the class.
it should be me that is suffering a loss, because if i don't attend enough classes for that month, my monthly fee for that month is wasted right?
is it your loss? no, so why are you blocking me when i didn't turn up?
my argument is not wrong right?
if you told me that you have send me emails when i skipped the first class, but i still don't give a fuck about it and continue to behave the same thing, book but no show,
then its correct that you block me because i didn't heed your warning.
instead of waiting for me not to turn up for mre then 6 times after i booked the class,
and when i want to book, 
you goes ' Oh, you have been blocked unless you pay the extra $25?'
so is this considered hidden fees that i can say?!
all members are paying more than $70 definitely every month, and this penalty still involved paying extra $25, so got the cheek to tell me its not ridiculous.
its not transparent enough i guess.
when i argue the email /warnings/reminder that they didn't give me,
the staff can rebutted back saying, we have so many members, so its impossible to know each and every members whether they skip or not.
are you trying to tell me that now that your gym has grown and you have alot of members that you don't even care whether you are providing good customer service to your customers?
its just like yes i make one member angry but i still have tons of members with me, so i don't give a fuck.
yes, you are right, you may have tons of members, but you does not know that customer service is so important nowsdays and word of mouth is a powerful tool especially nowsdays social media or technology is so advanced that news spread even faster through online?
just like if someone wanted to sign a gym membership with your True fitness,
all they need to do when they are researching is just to key in the keyword,
true fitness review, and tadah! all unsatisfied customers are giving their due review of it.
and are you sure all your members will stay after the membership end?
even though i still got a long way before my membership ends, but i guess if anyone knows that i go gym and ask me to introduce a gym or ask about this gym that i am going right now.
trust me, i won't recommend them coming here because i want whats good for my friends and not what sucky customer service the gym have 

and is that my problem that you have too many members that you can't possibly keep track member's data? 
are you using manual writing of customer data by hand or you have a system to store all the customer's data?
don't tell me that you need me to teach you to invest in a better system to auto detect customer record if they have missed classes to email them?
last time when i was on the wait list, i could receive spams of emails that was telling me that i am able to book the class etc.
and i don't believe that is not auto generated and that your manager or whoever just happen to type all the words nicely into the email specified to me right?
so this is not an excuse when you say you have too much members and can't keep track when you can email me when i am on the waiting list.
besides its also a stupid thing to do because shouldn't you call me if i am able to book instead of email right?
like who the fuck will sit in front of the desktop or use my phone 1 hour before the class commence to see if there is any emails telling me that i can book the class?
Please la, the management of true fitness. please use your brain.
have your staff not been giving productive feedback?
if your staff does not have, please think in the shoes of a customer.
how will you feel?
and you will definitely get the answer.
customers wants to feel respected just as you want to get your due respect.
but if you are using ridiculous ways of getting money off from your members.
seriously, who will ever renew membership again if they encountered similar incident like mine?

its just like everything also $$$$. a typical $$$ company.
you can't see things short term, you need to be far sighted! HELLO?
what good will you gain if you are only after all this short term profit?
my friend who used to be a true fitness member has changed to fitness first told me that once he dropped his towel and requested for a new one, and they told him that he need to pay extra to get another towel.
you are not making your customer satisfied, you are turning them away, do you know that?
if you have offered him an extra towel (don't talk about the charges) 
the customer might feel happy instead of like 'is that my fault that i accidentally dropped the towel and now i had no towel and you are forcing me to either pay or i have no towel to use after my bath?'

now that when i piece all the little bits of incident or reviews, i managed to figure the whole thing.
they are not just satisfied after you have signed a membership with them, they find more ways in imposing more money charges so that they can gain more $, isn't it?
because in this case, my assumption is highly accurate right?

if you say that you have too many members, and can't keep track,
why on earth that you can still 'randomly' choose me to be the one that enjoy one free trial kickboxing session with the person trainer?
so? how do you 'randomly' select?
you flip pages or you generate through system?
so please don't give me this shit of 'we have too many members that we can't keep track'

as usual, when i first renew my membership at the suntec outlet, because i went to check the amk outlet, they offered different prices i swear,
i mean the prices and package is totally different, for me i find that suntec give me more alternative that i get to pay by 3 years and its about $80 per month, but amk was giving me like lesser choice, and was more of trying to use the ' time sale' marketing to push members to quickly sign.
HELLO, I STUDY MARKETING. this doesn't fucking work on me!
telling me that you need to sign by when when to enjoy the promo. fuck off.
so initially when their sales person called me and told me that i was randomly selected to enjoy that one session trial,
for so many times, i have enjoy my gym without anyone disturbing me, so i rejected saying that i prefer to go group classes and not 1 to 1 personal trainer.
but they still insist me to go etc, so in the end i went.
ultimately their goal was to ask me to further sign up more package with their personal trainer.
seee? i know other gyms probably do that too, in order to increase their profits.
but when i tell you, i am not interested, it means i am fucking not interested.
i was quite nice to the trainer because the trainer was overall ok, he was not the one who was telling me my in body diagnostic scale data but his colleagues,
the moment i saw him telling me,
wa your body fat is so high, muscles mass not enough etc,
i KNEW IT. they was going to ask me to sign package so they could help me.
ever since i lose weight, i am very skeptical if anyone were to come and tell me they could help me by buying or signing them whatever packages etc.
but i wanted to know whats good for my body, which xavial my diet advisor HAHA has already told me way beforehand, but i was just lazy to take note of the muscles mass and body fat that he was telling me, he even show me the photos percentage of body fat etc.
so the most basic thing is to build muscles, and trust me, you don't need a personal trainer,
there are classes that you can go that can help me to build muscles.
and the most common thing they do is to ask if you got your credit card with you, because if they know you do, they tried ways and means to ask you to give them your card,
i was smart to say i does not have my creditcard with me.
and they can still ask so how do i pay my gym membership, i claim that its my parents who pay for me.
so i was being nice already to reject in a nice way for not trying to hurt them/maybe they can't earn commission as i didn't sign. hurhur.
and ok they was not very pushy but i still don't like the idea of having someone to come and push something to me.
they was like asking me by when can let them know cos the 42 session was about 3k plus and promo was about 2k.
i must be mad if i was to sign.
this might have affect me if i was fat when they told me, but i have lose more than 16kg myself, for goddess sake! do you think i would care for a personal trainer to help me lose weight?
so i guess they know it doesn't work for me so they didn't persist when i reject them after i went back home.
but the other time when i was hanging out with le bf friends, and i get to learnt of a new trick that i would recommend anyone to use it,
as i was telling her that they tend to upsell and it become very awkward to reject, like its difficult to say no.
to which she say, i don't have to.
because she encountered before similar incident and she was saying like,
you could just tell the person,
'wait are you trying to sell me something? because if you are, i am not interested and i don't want to waste your time and my time.'
i find it very useful so please hor whoever want to upsell me anything,
i won't be lenient anymore.
if anyone is interested, or if i am interested, i come to you.
you can just stay still. don't come throwing yourself to me please.

so after the fuss i make, and asking the staff to feedback to the mgmt where he say he will, after offering me the waive off of $25 but say if i was to skip more than 6 times when i booked, i have to pay $25.
and to be extra cautious the other day, i went back to the counter and ask, what if i booked and i cancelled, is there any penalty.
and the other staff say no.
because its really fucking absurd if lets say i booked, but i cancelled because i am not unwell and you expect me to crawl to gym to attend just because even if i cancel still got penalty. no right!

to me, i feel that the penalty should not be measure by $.
you can block the person from booking, lets say 1 month?
and it will be unlocked after that 1 month, system can auto detect, don't need use your hand to count how many weeks left to unblock hor even if you got TOO MANY MEMBERS.

secondly, members need to come straight to the counter to book if they really want to attend, no booking online given during the blockage.

is that fair enough?
if you want to emphasise the penalty is imposed just because if i booked and doesn't turn up and i cause YOUR MANY OTHERS members unable to book the class, i am not being fair to them.
in the first place, when i skipped once, you allow me to skip second, third, 
you are already not being fair to your OTHER MANY MEMBERS, 
and you still don't do anything about it, because you are waiting for me to hit more than 6 times,
YES I GOT THE $25 extra. err.. OKAY.
so please don't give me the shit of being fair to your other MANY MEMBERS because your actions shown otherwise.

even though they waive off for me the $25, and that was because i make a fuss, and if i dont?
if other members that are in the same predicament as me, and they are just not vocal enough to speak out, so what do they do?
PAY $25 lor otherwise i cannot go to classes leh.
even though i am a member and member should be able to go unlimited classes. hurhur.
ridiculous right?
still tell me its not ridiculous, WTF.
shall end now.
till then.


  1. My husband and I got a “FREE” couple of weeks at True Fitness in Bangkok at Asoke. The day we went in, a seemingly very nice young gentleman came to speak to us and gave us a tour of the gym, explained all the services they offer and basically lied to us through his teeth to get our credit card details. He said we weren’t signing up for memberships. This was a free offer and that we would be able to cancel any time that we wanted to anyway. Two months later, my husband noticed outrageous charges from these people on his credit card bill. When we went into the gym to dispute the charges and cancel, they were extremely rude, pretty much called us liars and refused to stop charging my husband’s card. On top of it, they were unable to produce any proof that we had signed up in the first place (because we hadn’t). They said the only way to cancel would be for medical reasons (injury or pregnancy) or to produce a one way plane ticket out of the country. Seriously? I have never seen such a disgusting scam in my life. These people are degenerates who lie through their teeth. We wound up having to dispute the charges with the credit card company. Hopefully it will be decided in our favour since these people can’t even prove that we signed up for their services. Do not, under any circumstances, give any business in Thailand your credit card details. Ever! We found out the hard way that they are all the same. Everything in this country is designed to be a foreigner trap with no accountability from the merchant and the law is nonexistent in this country. If you’ve ever had to call the police in Thailand for any reason, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    As we were leaving the gym, a gentleman walked up to us and said he ran into the same issues himself. He was only able to cancel his wife’s membership by producing proof of her pregnancy and his own membership by producing a one way plane ticket out of the country. Disgusting!

    1. wow! thanks for sharing the experience to any other readers who might be googling for more info before signing up, i guess all these experiences are useful for them in making a decision before signing with the respective gyms! i had heard of others telling me that when the membership expire, they does not immediately contact you to ASK for a permission for renewal, they would continue to deduct the monthly fee unless you asked for termination.

  2. True fitness is a crappy chain gym which is always hard selling their membership, unlike fitness first. I stay in jurong west area and they have no branches in the west, even though they always say plans are already in the pipeline and will be ready to share them once ready.

    I also have plans that are already in the pipeline to leave this gym and will be ready to leave happily once my membership expires and it will be good riddance

  3. My experience for equally bad


  4. My experience is terrible,, I got sms for free trial of one month but when I reached there they insisted me to sign up without trying even a single trial then I pay money for one month to try but after I change job I don't have time to go there even I paid 100+++ that I tried only one time then every month keep asking money from true fitness by sms and mail. Now I saw message of $1450 that I owe to them without going there and ask me to give money and if not I have to pay 800 extra for summon,,I really get mad now.. So sad ,, I pray their business failure for cheating me like this without explaining all details and forced to sign up

  5. Hi i have the same issue as you.i received a letter to and ask me to pay extra 800 for summon.i dont even attend any class for 6 months alread. But before i stop attending to any of their classes. I told them i have financial problem coz my mom is sick.. im so pissed and i dont know what to do. I cannot afford to lose any cents to support my family.. but still they want me to pay.. what should i do? Im scared of the summon!

  6. Totally understand you and feel you. I too signed up with them and get a PT (Personal Trainer) to train me to become more fit without googling or checking on reviews. Initially didn't really bother about the sweet words (no action talk only) from the PT, the promises and results to assure you when you signed up with them. But at times, the PT will inform me 2-3 days in advance that there is an available slot when I have informed the week before on my available slot. So last minute!!! Having enough with that PT, I decided to transfer to another outlet. The process done by the PT was so slow and totally no updates. I have to keep prompting the PT multiple times for updates and the answer was superficial till I asked for more detailed answers. For instance, when PT finally informed me of the documents has been approved, a week after voicing out my intention to transfer, and that I will just have to wait for their calling. I kept asking and find out more in details, only to know that the process will take a week and that I have to wait for another week. That means half a month gone waiting and nothing except continuous payment to True Fitness. Asked to help hasten, but PT keeps saying have already submitted to management and will receive a call a week later to my very simple question, "Who is the management? I would like to try to talk to them to hasten it". I have to ask many times on who is it, and his reply was simply "not our management and not in touch with the other outlet management". OMG, such a simple question on WHO is so difficult to answer or to even provide a point of contact. Side note: I can't believe that a person, close to the 40's and having worked in True Fitness almost 20 years, is unable to do a basic check or give a point of contact that I can discuss with. Beware of True Fitness and which PT you go to as some might be unprofessional and irresponsible in their job, only wanting to meet their KPI to have more people to engage them for training.

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  8. Well sad to say i got victimise by their scheme also, consultant are nice at first and after you paid for the package everything will change already, I get a personal trainer and paid fro 6 sessions, but what i had experienced is i am the one who adjusting for his schedules And for the training while i am in the session he is sitting and checking his phone and just telling me what to do, you will not see their eagerness and effort to help you to reach your goals, and not only that i purposely ask about the renewal, how does it goes and it shocked me cause he offer me a damn expensive package, and i compared it to other fitness company, it surprised me cause his offer is much higher than the one of the popular fitness companies trainers,

    So i decided to move to other fitness centre which i'm more satisfied with their service with the trainers, with the classes, my personal trainer is really good and you wont regret paying cause they really are serious when it comes to the training, the staff are more approachable and friendly, i can say that its worth,

    And for true fitness we know their policies, i cannot terminate my membership with them even though i requested to cancel my membership a month after i signed up with them,I am still required to pay 1 year of membership plus the termination fee,

    Though they have a lot equipment's compared to other's but what is the use of it if every time you visit their branch you will remember how they took advantage of you, i totally regret joining true fitness, :(
    Hope that people will think twice or trice or many times before signing up with true fitness,

  9. I am life time member in True Fitnes. Please be carefull if you want to be member in this GYM. They all look very nice when they talk, promis alot of thing after you join all the promises automatically gone. Must read carefully all the contract.

  10. I am life time member in True Fitnes. Please be carefull if you want to be member in this GYM. They all look very nice when they talk, promis alot of thing after you join all the promises automatically gone. Must read carefully all the contract.

  11. so if your doorways are like mine, and don't have raised thresholds, then the gym can not be used at the bottom of the doorway. Gyms in Arizona

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