Sunday, May 12, 2013

In a relationship

Hello readers!
one of my happy post as i am announcing that i am officially attached for now!

As i am blogging now, it has actually been some time since we are officially in a relationship.
Most of my friends were so excited to know how he look like, how do we get to meet each other etc,
i was trying to kept a low profile about him and there was no photo of how he actually looked like initially,
it was very natural when we decided to be in a relationship, of course there is some good feelings we had towards each other before we decided to be together.

So here you go, a photo of us!
I still remember this was still the first time a guy confessed his love to me in a very unique way.

He went to buy this necklace for me and on one of the days when we was supposed to meet, he waited for me to have my dinner break as i am working night shift that ends only at 9pm,
his initial plan was to pass me this necklace and if i do not reject him, i would wear the necklace after i end my shift and he would be waiting outside for me.
very drama hor*
This was what he told me his initial plan, so as to give him some time to compose himself in case i rejected him or i find our progress to be too fast.
But he was having a hard time to make me notice that he is holding the necklace despite he mentioned there were several attempts to pass me the necklace, but i failed to notice the necklace at all. i could only see that he was getting kinda of frustrated when he wanted to say something to me before my break was about to end and i was rushing back.

So he only managed to show me the necklace after i ended my work when he was sending me home.
which makes me very surprised and happy he took the effort to do this sweet gesture!
I think he is the first guy that i know who are sincere in settling down with his plans and goals when i didn't given much thought to it as we was really just starting out!

Our first official date at Singapore flyer. 

On another separate day, i brought him home and introduce him to my parents,
yes the progress of our relationship was quite fast,

this silly boy got me a new phone when my contract was up for renewal and i was able to change to a new phone, he wanted us to have the same phone so we got the S4!
No more crappy photo quality! Yay.

Shall end for now.
Till then.