Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last night before leaving Genting Highlands

Our last day before leaving the next day at Genting Highlands,
we went to had our lunch at Macdonald as we wanted to use the wifi as we didn't have any wifi connection and its kinda of driving us desperate without the use of mobile data.
Pc eating happily her burger!

and after she is done, tapping on her phone started..
After our lunch, its time to visit the themepark!

anyway, i had this ride before in Australia which is something similar, but i didn't know this ride go higher than the one in Australia that i play before,
I didn't tried the spaceshot ride which both of them was q-ing up.
i was giving them moral support from the ground!

As most of the roller coaster rides are under maintenance, so we didnt have a chance to try out other rides.
as i was waiting for them, chanel and kiwi came along so we went to play the pirate ship since they were still q-ing up.
i didnt expect the pirate ship would still make me scream as much as i would whenever i sit on a roller coaster ride, even though they was finding me funny when i was literally the only one screaming on the pirate ship. haha
Pc was so shocked after she had her spaceshot ride, and she mentioned that she seems to sprain her neck during the ride. haha
afterthat, we went to play again the pirate ship, this time with PC and Kangrui, but she got startled not because of the ride but because of my screams as she claim that she is going to be deaf after i have screamed throughout the entire ride.
some photo taking while at the themepark.
the background was nice but i am too fat.

It was raining halfway when we was still in the themepark so we couldn't continue with the rest of the rides, We waited for some time before deciding to leave the themepark, and we went to buy the coach ticket back to singapore which cost only RM 40,
went to macdonald again for some ice-cream!

As we was chilling at the cafe, kangrui went on to play at the themepark as she wanted to try out other ride as both PC and i was not interested to go back to the themepark.

i find that genting is kinda of boring because there was nothing much to do, the activities that we can do, singapore had all these as well, so we decided to walk around and play bowling instead!
we was walking around and that was when i decided to go play bowling!

the price was quite cheap so we play for like 4-5games

we missed the time to meet chanel and kiwi at some designated place so halfway kangrui went down to find them but we couldn't find them thus she came back and we continue with our bowling session.

I enjoyed the time spent with them, the freedom i can have, not much of restrictions and probably because we are all very accomodating to each other that makes the entire trip a very memorable and enjoyable one!
looking forward to more trips together!

we meet up with kiwi and chanel after that and we had our dinner at their food court i guess?

i ordered this, sambal chicken!


our drinks,

kangrui's noodles, she say the portion looks small to her
 but after that she say its the bowl that is big that make it look like very small serving portion but it is actually enough for one serving!
after our dinner we decided to play pool!

we played for a few hours before heading to the resort hotel as Chanel mentioned there is a coffeebean outlet over there which was quite a distance.

it was very misty and cooling and we bought our coffee before sitting down and just chit chatting with each other, and our thoughts about this trip and for the past few days that we spend together, those memorable moments etc.

kangrui ordered this sandwich which had a strong aroma when it was being served to our table.
We agree on planning an overseas trip together soon, as most of us will be busy with our own work committment, Chanel and Kangrui with their dream job, Kiwi and PC going into NS.
kiwi doing his NS while PC training as a sign on regular and i will be starting my own full time job soon and nobody know what changes we have in the future and see how it goes, i think it is important to have friends going on overseas trip together that has a more accomodating character instead of "just me" character because if not most of us have to accomodate the "just me" person and the entire trip will not be as enjoyable as it was supposed to me.
I was thankful none of us display such character during this trip and we simply feel comfortable with each other.
after the chatting session which was close to midnight, we decided it was late thus we returned back to our hotel room to shower and sleep.
i was really tired by then and i didnt even know Chanel and kiwi came to our room later on, while PC went out with Chanel and kiwi to have some supper while both kangrui and i was sleeping in the room.

The next morning, it was time for us to check out and return back to Singapore, so we packed everything beforehand and had our last meal at kenny rogers before boarding the coach at 3pm.
we dabao the muffin since we couldn't finish it.

the food that we ordered.

As there was a stopover for us to buy some food before moving on, i left with only 5 ringgit even though it was still enough for me to buy myself a burger, but kang rui only had 3 ringgit and couldn't really buy anything with 3 ringgit so i gave her my 1 ringgit so that she can buy a burger as well and we could have two burger to shared among 3 of us as PC don't have enough ringgit left.
but she feel embarrased and didn't want to share the burger with us, and she say we look so ke lian as we need to share burger, but its just so funny the way she say it.
but the moral of the story would be we will plan a food budget everyday so we will not encounter such issue again, or by then we probably earn enough to even remember this funny incident we had.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Genting Highlands

Hello! We walked to our hotel so check in and we was staying in first world hotel.
by the time we checked in, it was already 4.30pm.
we was waiting at the lobby while chanel help us with the check in procedures etc.
our hotel room,simple and basic enough for us to stay for 2 nights!
upon checking into our room, we was resting before we meet with Kiwi and Chanel who was taking another room. We arranged to meetup for dinner in the evening.

we had pizza hut for our dinner! even though i seriously find that their service is atrocious.

we ordered so much and we couldn't finish that we had to dabao one of the pizza back to our room.
we had no idea what to do while in Genting and since we are only going to the themepark the next day, we decided to watch a movie!
 we wasn't sure what to do because it was evening time and we are only going to the themepark the next day,
we was walking around when we decided to catch a movie!
we watched dance dance dragon which was released during the Chinese New year but i haven't got the time to watch until it was taken down from the cinemas, so i was pretty glad they had this movie while in Genting!

we was fooling around while in the hotel since we got no wifi, lots of crazy photo-taking session,

bored and i started taking this type of photo, showing the half eye,
 this photo of pc reminds me of my small little cousin, the complexion and the face suddenly reminds me of her!

tis is really super unglam as we got tired and started to take photo while lying down
all our fats all shaking~ SHAKE SHAKE HAHAHA.
very difficult for me to take nice photo while lying on bed,
even though i got a few seductive photo before!HAHA

I think i bought alot of the wrong outfit for the wrong occasion as the clothes that i bought don't really suit me and i ended up asking them to try on those funny tops that i couldn't wear it out!

me editing this photo to us having flawless skin and the brightness. HAHA
see PC is wearing that angry bird top because i demand them to change and see how it looks,

later we managed to watch the dance dance dragon movie which was quite entertaining for us and we went to play arcade!

and we play some other games too and tada, LOTS OF TOKENS WE GET!
back to when we was all young, i rmb going to arcade and this was the token that will come out of the machine whenever we play a game,
nowsdays in sg there is very little arcade that still 'vomit' these tokens out,
still have but very little though, they use card to accumulate points already ma. HAHA

after our arcade session, we wanted to go coffeebean to chill but it was closed so we ended up at starbucks. everyone was quite happy when we were there as we was busy texting the others by making full use of the wifi.

and this was us enjoying our coffee in such a cooling weather,
this was outside and i was drinking java chips, HAHAHA
we went back to our room around 11 and it wad already midnight when we was getting ready to settle pc was feeling sleepy and i chatted with KR all the way until 3.30am!
they told me i do talk in my sleep as well so it must be true!
as the are the third batch of friends that share a room with me told me the same thing! HAHA
even though sometimes they does not know what i am talking in my sleep! hurhur.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kuala Lumpur to Genting

We was due to check out from the hostel and make our way to Genting Highlands!
It was also the first time that i am visiting Genting as well.
my nicely packed luggage before we was ready to set off!

we was waiting for chanel to get ready before checking out!

we had Nando's for lunch and we simply packed our stuffs first before heading out as we will be coming back to collect our luggage before officially checking out from the hostel.

Most of our dishes that we ordered are all chicken, and we choose the extra hot level in terms of its spicy level. and it was so good!

we took quite alot of photos while waiting for our food, but the food took quite long :(

when everybody food is being served, kiwi one was the last one,

He ordered the kebab!
after our yummy lunch, we went back to our hotel to check out as well as to take the bus that would bring us to Genting.
We received the news from kiwi's parents that they saw the news of a bus falling off from the slope at Genting and they was checking in case we was in the bus,
but fortunately, we was not the one that board the bus.

maybe i got a spilt personality. HMM.

The weather was quite insane in KL, too humid and hot. we managed to walk to the place whereby they was selling the ticket for the coach to Genting, along the way we was approached by many to help them write some name for donation etc
actully quite glad we was leaving KL because the weather was insane! like super goddam hot,
the first night we came it wasn't hot at all, cooling etc in daytime.
so all of us went back to the hostel,
afterthat we walked to the place where to buy the ticket for the coach up to genting.
along the way, was stopped by ppl who ask me to help them write name for donation or what, and Chanel saved me by asking me to go off without stopping for them, in the end we found the correct counter whereby it only cost RM $10.60 per pax to get us to Genting! so much cheaper than a cab who tried to quote us RM 200 to bring us to Genting. Crazy.
RM10.60 was even inclusive of cable ride!

we took a photo with our luggage bag since its of similar polka dot design!
since we only had 5 of us, there were bound to be one person who will be sitting alone and we encountered one of the guy who is trying to be funny when his seat was supposed to be in front but he saw kangrui was sitting alone so he pretended that it was his seat with Kangrui, when we tried to ask his seat number he insist saying that he was sitting beside kangrui,
so we got no choice and kiwi was asking kangrui to swop seat with him!
and the guy know that he was not going to sit with kangrui , actually move back to sit with his friend.
his shit got exposed and we was all laughing afterthat because its just so silly.
the guy kept looking at chanel as well and turning back to stare at us, it was damm irritating.
at one point of time, we reached the place for us to take the cable car to reach genting, it was very misty but cooling at the same time, we had to walk super fast so that we can shake off those guys and other passengers who was rushing as well
and it was the first time that i took a cable car and i realised the cable car will not stop for you before they go off, so we got to climb in when it was out turn. i find myself being so silly at that time because i had to carry my hand carry bag and my pink trolley bag and i couldnt balance so i was trying to hop in the cable car with all the stuff and the entire car was shaking vigorously an everyone was so shocked! hahahaha and they was asking what i am doing and all of us burst out laughing afterthat. i was worried that i couldn't get in the cable car so i guess it was kinda of a rough act.

they told me to standby to get out of the car when it was reaching because if not i will have to pay again to re-enter the place again
in the end i managed to get off the cable car safely with the others, and finally we have arrived at Genting!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Berjaya Times Square. Mid Valley

We was getting our few hour nap at the hostel before we decided to get prepare and head out for our lunch!
Kangrui sleeping on top of the double decker bed

this was pc.
I was packing some of the stuff while waiting for the rest to get ready before we was heading out!

This was my bed for one night stay at KL before we was checking out to Genting the next day.
Another reason that i love fernloft hostel was because it is walking distance to the petaling street, their chinatown, so we was able to save on some travelling times getting to one of their famous to go tourist attractions!

while waiting for Chanel to be ready, we took some photos first in the dorm!

We went to A&W for our lunch!

tried their waffles and root beer!

after our lunch, we was taking their train,
chanel and kiwi!

we pay for our ticket according to the place that we wanted to go, it cames out those chips that look like gambling chips to me!

i didnt really research beforehand as i was following where Chanel is going to bring us to.
It was my first time visiting KL and i find that their mrt system is kinda of complicated compared to singapore, we had to change a total of 6 stops. and in the end we realised taking cab is about the same if we were to take their train to our destination from the times square to mid valley.
when we went back, we took a cab instead which was much more convenient.

taking some photos while waiting for our train.

three of us! we arrived at the berjaya times square! there were many levels and since kr and pc are not into shopping, so both of them was more of accompanying chanel and i window shopping instead.

i would recommend you to wear slippers if you are heading to berjaya times square because there are so many levels for you to shop!

they had indoor themepark for the kids as well.
taking a photo outside this store.

and that is when i bought this squarish plushie to give to PC, this was because she will be going into the army soon and i thought she could bring this in and if she feel lonely, at lease this plushie could keep her company!

chanel imitating the plushie expression. haha
at the end of the day,
she got a partner! i bought the rilakuma soft toy!

after our shopping session, we was hungry thus we decided to head to sushi king for our lunch-dinner!

it was so cheap as we eat the sushi!
each of us was not calculative so we decided to just spilt accordingly the total bill, and it cost like $3 for each of us just for the sushi plates that we took on their conveyor belt!

I missed the food,

i ordered the peri peri chicken for myself!

after we were done with berjaya times square, we decided to head to mid valley which was another shopping centre!
we bought the fix price for the cab fare like RM 12 as we have 5 of us thus we had to take two cabs to mid valley.

i bought eclairs, coronet and cream puffs for sharing when we return to our hostel that night!
it was more cheaper to buy in msia, i think i bought it at RM 27 for 6!
Chanel told us we need to go to the night market that is near our hostel which starts from 4pm nd i wanted to buy the trolley type of luggage bag that chanel and kangrui had as i bought too many stuffss and i needed another travel bag!

this was some of the stuffs i bought,
oh yeah sotong got me this cute big hello kitty iphone case,

and i finally got this similar luggage bag like the one chanel had and it was quite nice!
initially we checked the price and one of the vendor was selling for RM 130, so we walked further down and we  tried to bargain from RM 100 to RM 80 and finally an agreement of RM 75 for the bag which was a cheap deal as it cost only $20plus SGD.
we went to have a drink afterthat and i am glad that i managed to have a group of friends who are not the calculative or stingy type, i mean whenever we buy foods, we were all willing to share without expecting everyone to pay for whatever they eat and i don't mind treating them as well because i know none of them belong to the type that will try to take advantage of others and i like that!
it was another special memory of mine that i will always remember having this overseas trip with them!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Fernloft Hostel

Hello readers! I am back from my first overseas trip with my friends!
I was excited with this idea of going overseas together for the first time since our graduation, so chanel volunteer to do the whole planning and each of us only pay $90 for our entire trip to KL & Genting!

It was a impromptu decision as we was going house visiting during the cny that we decided to go on a trip with 5 of us that includes, Chanel, Kiwi, Kangrui,PC and me!

Everyone was having their own plans , PC was planning to sign on as a regular in the army, Chanel is trying her luck as a air stewardess with Scoot, KR as well going for interviews to all the airlines, i was due to start my full time job in the hotel upon graduation, Kiwi was going to be enlisted in the army soon so this was a very meaningful trip for us before we started on our goals. Though i had not figured out what i want yet.

For the $90 that each of us paid, as we are still students, it include the accommodation cost, coach tickets as well as the outdoor themepark ticket!

We arranged to meet at 7pm in the evening as we will be taking the night coach at Farrer park.
Before that we had our dinner first at City square near the farrer park mrt station. The saizeriya italian restaurant. There is no GST or servcie charge, and their pizza and pasta cost below $10.

there was kangrui's spaghetti but she say it doesn't really taste nice so well, maybe you guys can go try other type of pasta next time if you do visit there! 
just before we was supposed to board the coach, Chanel realised that she forget to bring the coach tickets out!
we was panicking but she managed to find the auntie that she bought the ticket from her and we managed to get some new tickets to board the coach. 
it was a 6hour trip but i can't seem to fall asleep.

Chanel tried to ask the driver that we wanted to alight at this place called the central market, but the driver does not understand english and even though i could understand malay but i couldn't speak well either. so there was some miscommunication, i know he was trying to tell us that the bus don't alight at the central market but at some other places.
We clear the customs and was out of singapore by 10pm, but later on the driver drop us at this place we was not familiar with, we was quite stunned when the driver asked us to alight at somewhere which none of us actually know where we were.
and we was the only ones who alight the bus, when we alight, we only managed to see some taxi, bus counter which was not open and it was 3am.

no one in sight at all.

and there were some people who asked if we needed taxis.

in the end we managed to figure out that we would need to take the train to get to our hostel in Kuala Lumpur. we was not staying in the hotel but the hostel that Chanel previously work there during her internship.

this was us walking over the bridge, even though its dark and we was at a place whereby we are not familiar with but i feel so warm around them, no squabble, no complaints etc.
we realised their train service only starts at 6am, and it was only 4am after we figured it out from the information provided.
so we decided to wait until 6am to catch the first train. but then, kiwi's friend who live in KL came and look for us! he could't contact kiwi since we was in malaysia and there was no network but its just amazing how he managed to track us down and drove us to our hostel as well even though we was using the aid of a GPS as well.

Chanel booked the 6 bedded dorm
it was an exciting experience for us to experience staying in a hostel for once!
it wasn't so bad afterall in fact it was quite cosy!

the hostel only open a 8am so we couldn't enter even though we reach like 6plus in the morning.
most of the shops was not opened as well,and we was standing outside trying to ring the doorbell but no one open the door for us, i guess they are afraid it would be some robbery cases so no one actually entertained us.
in the end, we decided to hang out at one of the old style kopitiam and had our breakfast, the chinese don't really speak chinese so i was rather shocked when i was trying to order by conversing in chinese but realised they don't understand what i told them.
i was getting sleepy by then we didn't have any sleep during the night but thankfully, someone picked up the phone when we tried to call at 8am and was able to enter the hostel.

we didn't know there were two people inside the room that was supposed to be ours, we did knock on the door before entering, and we was shocked when there were two of them inside,
and we didn't know there was two ppl inside the room that was supposed to be ours,

i think they was kinda of pissed that we disturbed their sleep even though we didn't switch on the main light but as each of us was issued a set of bedsheet, blanket and pillow cover, mini lightbulb for us to use, we needed to make our bed before we can settle in.

and halfway the caucasians was asking like, "do you guys really have to make the bed like right now?"
we couldn't help it as we needed our rest as well!
we couldn't care less and once we was done, we was trying to sleep in our bed, but it was also the same time that they was supposed to get up and start packing their stuff to check out.
i think we are also quite brave at the same time, sharing a room with some strangers and we was not even alert that they might took our stuffs while we was asleep.
we was already quite nice by not turning on the light, but they was not considerate to us as they woke us up when they turn on the main switch light.
the caucasian complained to the counter upon checking out and asking the staff why we could check in so early at that time and commenting that we were noisy.
come on, its not a 5 star hotel, you are staying in a hostel, if you cannot tolerate someone disturbing you, don't stay in a hostel then, or booked the entire dorm room instead of a bed.
we didn't face the issue because we booked the entire dorm.
it was very comfortable staying in the hostel, in fact i find that it is even more comfortable than staying at the genting hotel room which i will update again.
for anyone that is interested to stay in the hostel while in Kuala Lumpur, you may google for more information on Fernloft hostel, their rate per night is quite cheap and it is located near the central market which actually allows you to visit Chinatown and save on the travelling times!
do check it out.
till then!