Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Xmas - New Member in Family!

Hello readers! It has been sometime since i update my blog. A photo with my sister as we were on our way to attend our cousin wedding lunch.  It was quite an coincidence that my cousin of same age as me is getting married before this year ends! 

Festive season gives me a reason to indulge ourselves so i bought cake and KFC to have a simple dinner with my parents as olm is out attending her friends xmas party on christmas day. 

Before we end this year, 2017, we have a new member in our family when mum decide to adopt another poodle! Currently, if you didn't know, i had a poodle, her name is Duffy and she has been with us for 4 years. She was sold to us previously as the owner claimed they do not have time to take care of her and was putting her on sale in the website and lm saw and bought her back after mum's permission. Unlike other poodle, she is very hyper which i wasn't sure if that was the reason her ex owner doesn't want her. She was only 3month old when she came to our house so it was easier to train compared to the newly adopted one, her name is called Miu Miu, 7 years old but she was so much smaller than our Duffy when she first came to our house! I didn't dare to carry her on the first day because it's just different from the way i always carry Duffy like a teddy bear. We wanted to see if they could get along well first, before considering to keep her or return back to the pet shop.

So when Miu Miu first reached our house when lm brought her back, she was shivering. I think she was afraid because she was in a new environment, unlike Duffy which does not have any typical dog smell, Miu Miu has a very strong dog smell hahaha, i couldn't accept it initially so i didn't want to touch her. haha, i guess every family have their own way of taking care their dogs, but i guess the previous owner doesn't really take good care of her, she was so skinny and she was so boney. 

Unlike if you were to carry Duffy, plenty of fats underneath her fur. Hahaha, but i guess it's only a mattar of time when she will get as fatty as Duffy. She was pretty careful when we first offered her foods, she took awhile to touch the food, but it was so funny when she was simply hiding at one corner, so i suggest to bring Duffy's pink bed out and let her rest. So she went inside the bed automatically, but on the first day, when Duffy tried to get near her, she would growl at her, which we couldn't understand why, Duffy is also quite irritating, trying to get near her until it was night when Miu Miu finally snapped when Duffy is trying to get near her, it seems to me that she has identify the pink bed as hers and Duffy cannot get inside. So when she snapped at Duffy, i was pretty shocked and almost thought she was going to bite duffy and i screamed as well. Hahaha 

But after that, Mummy got angry and started scolding Miu miu, and dogs are smart, she didn't dare to look at mummy and was hiding at one corner, from that day onwards, she try to avoid duffy and most of the times, she will be hiding in the pink bed. When they say she is very hyper but i don't think so because she don't really play like how Duffy do, but one day when i brought both of them back tampines, i was pretty surprised that she is very active and happy and was running around, which make me wonder whether she restrict her movements because if she is active, Duffy will bark at her.

Duffy do get jealous nowsdays and sensitive to the word we used on Miu Miu, like 'Sayang' she will run out from whenever she is if we are caught playing with miu miu. She doesn't allow her to be on our bed as well and would bark non stop. Some photos that i took of Miu miu back in tampines. Forbid to be on the bed. hahaha, not that i encourage her to come up because unlike Duffy, Miu miu has some skin problem and she has the typical dog smell, so Duffy has no smell so we allow her to climb up to our bed to sleep with whoever she want.
When Duffy don't allow Miu Miu to get up the bed when i brought them to Tampines.
Took this photo of Miu Miu accidentally and thought it was pretty cute!
As she has quite bad skin condition, so lm decided to bring her for grooming, hope to shave away all her fur so that it can improve her skin condition. She look like a kangaroo after a visit to the grooming salon! Haha, i guess she was tired because she fall asleep quite early that day.

Hopefully, she can grow out her fur soon!
Guess i shall end this post for now.
Till then!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chanel Church Ceremony & Wedding Banquet Dinner @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Hello readers! I guess 2017 can be considered as one of the important milestone for many of my friends including me that got married! So when Chanel was telling us during our last meet up that she will be getting married in 2017 too, i was really happy for her! She has finally found the right man of her life. I was invited to both days of her wedding celebration. It was also the first time i attended a wedding church ceremony too. Chanel entering the church lead by her father.

I guess every bride look the best on their big day, Chanel look so beautiful!
After exchanging their vows, the church ceremony has ended and they were preparing for phototaking session outside the church.

Phototaking with the pretty bride and handsome groom!
They were busy as everyone were taking turns to take photos with them, so we had a few selfie to ourselves too! Hahahaha

After the ceremony, we went for the lunch reception.

The photos were well-taken and i thought it was a smart choice for them to decide on just one venue to take photos, because the more venue you take your photoshoot, you will end up choosing more photos resulting paying for more photos like i do. But it's too late for me now. Haha

After the lunch reception, we went to the photobooth, and started playing with all the props! 

As Kangrui was leaving around 2.30pm, so she tried to find a grab hitch driver. She managed to get one so we were going to the Serangoon mrt station and i think this was my worse encounter we had with a grab hitch driver. 

Apparently, we walked out and waited at the roadside for the grabhitch driver when the app shows that he has arrived. But we couldn't spot his car, that's when i think Kr check her grab app again and realised she has key in the last digit of the postal code wrongly, so she quickly called the driver to inform him the right address. I guess during the phone conversation, she can sense that the driver tone's was impatient. But she didn't tell me, i don't see this as a big issue because i thought at least she has realised her mistake and we can apologise to the driver when he found us after that. 

During this time, we was on the look out for this grab hitch driver, when he has finally arrived at the correct address, and identify us from far, he was already showing attitude from his childish action as he simply accelerate bypassing us and stopping ahead so that we had to walk ahead to open his car door. 

When we open the car door, KR started apologising to him continously and we can see that he was super frustrated and mad as he was raising his voice that he was just in front! Blaming us for not providing the correct address. I don't deny it is KR mistake first, but this girl has apologise to you the moment she open the car door, and not just once but several times. Instead of being a gentleman, he continue with his preach and simply zoomed off on purpose after we board his car. As a girl, i feel sorry that KR has to apologise so many time that i apologise too even though it's not really my fault that we provide the wrong address but this got the driver even more stucked up. Which makes me really pissed because he sound like he is doing us a favor by picking us up, it's not free, we pay for your service and i believe basic courtesy should be given. I wonder how many times he has been treating his passenger in this manner when he can't find them. During the journey there were some peace when he decided to shut up before he was saying that he was going to drop off just opposite the nex serangoon mrt. Our destination was at the MRT, not opposite. I was pretty fedup with his attitude because this is the first time i have to tolerate such fucked up attitude on grab hitch. 

So i simply ignored him, KR knows that i am mad before trying to give a soft 'ok' to the driver.
Most of the grab hitch driver that i encountered were pretty nice! Definitely so much better, i  took before hitch and had drivers that drove a Merc, BMW, Audi and none display such attitude, yet this mazda driver were so rude! In fact, i have one encounter before, there were one grab hitch driver that couldn't find me for almost 1 hour and i was patiently guiding him when he almost give up, and he kept apologising for not being able to find me when he managed to. Apparently his GPS keep telling him the other inaccurate route. It took one whole hour! For goddess sake, and for this driver? It was only a few hundred metre away from the wrong postal code to the right one and he has to behave in such a way? 

If you get frustrated so easily when you can't find your passenger, please don't become a grab hitch driver and cause so much unhappiness for your passenger when they take your car. If i was the one who booked the hitch, i think i will definitely write in to Grab to feedback and complain. Even though i had asked Kr to give him a 1 star rating after we alight. Just our luck to encounter a short tempered driver.

The next day was Chanel wedding banquet dinner held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, not going to let anyone spoil my mood in case i get another crazy grab hitch driver, so i decided to drive to the venue myself! We arranged to meet at 7.15pm and PC was the first one to reached.
With the pretty Chanel and Laurent! 

 A group photo before the dinner officially started.

It was the first time i attended a wedding banquet dinner at mandarin oriental hotel. The food is pretty good. 

I managed to take photo of each of the dishes except one. The appetiser dish

It was a pretty good catching up session with the rest even though we understand the newlywed is trying to mingle with all their guests. I didn't had a chance to mingle with them on my wedding day so it was good that Chanel have the time to exchange some words with us after the table photo-taking were completed. 
Really enjoying the food because it's so good!
I love the dessert, chocolate crunch! I finished everything even though i am on a diet. Hahaha
Before i end this post, congratulations once again to the newlywed and wishing them eternal happiness and joy and a blessed marriage! Planning a wedding is definitely not easy because there are so many things to take care of, but i thought they did a pretty good job! 

Shall end this post for now.
Till then!